Trailight announces partnership with Medius Consulting

Medius consulting, a compliance consultancy, and Trailight have agreed partnership terms with the aim of providing a blended full-service provision to help firms manage the set up and change management implications of the Individual Accountability Regime.


“SMCR is an unavoidably bureaucratic and time consuming regime that needs to be automated. I have been reviewing the marketplace for the right solution and was excited by the comprehensive approach Trailight has taken to the problem. I look forward to working with them to deliver value to my customers.”

– Vaughan Edwards (CEO, Medius)

“I have known Vaughan for the last 15 years in his various guises, working for both the regulator and the industry, and was really pleased to see him in a consultancy role. He has understanding of customer challenges, from a practitioner perspective, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the regulation.”

– David McNair Scott (CEO, Trailight)