• The Trailight Model

    Individual Regulatory Compliance

    The Trailight platform makes people compliance simple.

    Guided by a human-centric approach to individual regulatory compliance, this model delivers a golden source of people-focused truth, reducing regulatory risk and driving accountability.

    Automated processes and unparalleled digital versioning drive operational efficiency and support you to generate a more sustainable and transparent corporate culture.

    With the Trailight model, you can drive cultural changes from the data up. Easily track, define and engage with best practice across your business. Manage every element of your people compliance – all from a central platform.

Trailight Capabilities
  • People Risk Management

    Confidently secure your people’s competence and conduct

    Proactively manage all requirements and risk associated with regulated roles from a single interface. Trailight’s PRM capability allows you to create flexible policy frameworks and systemised competency measures, suited to your exact needs.

    You can continually enhance staff performance and identify risks early on with end-to-end monitoring and reporting. Supported by automated event lifecycles, you can manage your people risk with greater insight and ease.

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  • Individual Accountability Regime

    Systemise your regional accountability and governance

    IAR is purpose-built to meet the specific challenges and requirements for regimes around the globe. You can systemise each role’s requirements, important workflows, and regulatory form production, ensuring each member of staff is supported to be fit and accountable every day.

    Using IAR’s management reporting and collaboration features, management will always maintain oversight, communication and awareness over progress. In addition, all activities are recorded and time-stamped to give you a single point-in-time view, of any moment.

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  • IAR Updates for Insurance

    Explore our new IAR features and updates designed to support insurers through Solvency II and reduce their organisational risk. In this brochure, you’ll find more information on how Good Repute and Responsibility Statements have been enhanced.

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  • Individual Regulatory Compliance

    Your centralised system for all regional regulation

    Meet global registration requirements, across individuals, sites, and regions. Organisations with multinational sites can benefit from a unified, one stop solution for enhanced tracking, managing and reporting on registration populations within any region.

    This capability allows you to drill down to an individual’s regulatory standpoint or visualise regional populations that you’re responsible for with quick clarity. Entities can also track activity and coordinate across regions, allowing teams to avoid duplicate work and operate more efficiently.

Trailight features

  • Digital versioning
  • All-in-one individual compliance solution
  • Predictive issue alerts
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Guidance on best practice
  • Support during regulatory change
  • Standardised process automation
  • Transparent document management

Trailight benefits

  • Deliver on regulatory requirements with confidence
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Save time and increase internal capacity
  • Proactively mitigate and reduce individual risk
  • Better prioritise and manage high-risk areas
  • Improve your organisational reputation
  • Evidence record keeping and accountability
  • Consolidate multiple processes, solutions and systems
  • Reactive to customer needs

    The regulatory landscape is always updating and so we believe that your compliance solutions should be equally agile. We are always developing and enhancing the Trailight platform based on customer feedback, requests, and market needs.