Individual Regulatory Compliance for global financial services

Empowering a transparent working world

Trailight is a leading compliance management platform, purpose-built to transform how financial services manage their individual regulatory compliance.

By putting people and accountability at the heart of corporate governance, Trailight is empowering more transparent and sustainable workplaces across the globe.

The Platform
  • Centralised and Transparent

    Trailight is an automated, cloud only compliance platform developed by experts in financial regulatory compliance. It drives accountability to meet the compliance standards of your teams, reduce regulatory risk and facilitate a positive corporate culture and conscious operations – all from one central platform.

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  • Global and Organisational

    Trailight incorporates a diverse range of capabilities, enabling global organisations to manage corporate governance efficiently and at scale.

    With a diverse range of capabilities available to leverage, you can build a solution tailored to the nuances of your regulatory position, from overarching regional policy to role or people-specific requirements. Be empowered to meet individual and organisational requirements, together.

  • Gain a single version of the truth

    Trailight gives you the ability to consolidate multiple systems, platforms and processes around individual compliance, empowering one source of truth and transparency across your entire organisation.

  • Increase operational efficiency

    Prioritise activities, free-up internal resource and reduce both regulatory and human risk with automated regulatory submissions, digitised frameworks and predictive issue alerts.

  • Embed compliance culture

    Change and manage company culture by embedding compliance into everyday workflows. Set the foundations and expectations for behaviour across the business – monitoring, managing and rewarding through a single system.

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