Why a human-centric approach to people compliance matters

Trailight put people and accountability at the heart of corporate governance.

While our mission is to empower financial services globally to manage their individual regulatory governance more efficiently, at scale, this all starts with a human perspective. People are the building blocks of compliance, so everything we do is about strengthening individuals.

This human-centric approach is embedded throughout our business. Below we describe some of the most important elements of this which, together, build clarity, transparency and trust in compliance for your people and your business.

Driving corporate cultures   

Culture – inside your teams and outwardly with consumers – is an important factor within new and ongoing regulatory requirements all financial services firms need to meet. Conduct, accountability, key processes, and support need to be built into the essence of organisational culture in order for these firms to effectively meet compliance standards.

To do this in the right way, organisations must start with the individual, empowering them to be advocates of positive behaviour and giving them the tools to meet these standards. Naturally this approach will then result in a sustainable and good culture from the ground up. By creating the right behaviours and outcomes you are both protecting your people and safeguarding your business.

Our approach and our technology put a focus on people and culture first. Without getting your people on board, you cannot curate transparent culture, meaning you cannot ensure control over your people and their conduct.

Trailight helps drive a positive corporate culture. It gives organisations the ability to create systematic change, informed by individual data and enriched by insight. On an individual level, Trailight not only makes it easier to meet compliance standards, but creates an environment where accountability, responsibility, and compliance are innate qualities within every action.

On a corporate level, Trailight empowers an individual compliance culture at scale. In improving corporate governance and conduct across organisations, the platform drives more transparent and sustainable working worlds.

This is why the human-centric approach is so important. Putting people and individual accountability at the heart of governance creates a snowball effect for lasting, large-scale, systematic change.

User-centric technology  

Our central platform drives best practice across your organisation.

Firstly, we use human-centric technology to make meeting compliance standards – and using compliance tools – simple. Our platform is intuitive, easy-to-use, and streamlined. By embedding governance processes into all user tasks and requirements – through efficient workflows, automation and integrations – it becomes an intuitive part of people’s every day, rather than a burden that disrupts their tasks.

As the requirements that dictate these processes change, so does Trailight. The agile solutions can easily be configured and are continuously updated to support your people throughout constant regulatory change.

Secondly, we build our platform for people. We create capabilities, updates, and enhancements based on people’s needs. Our team is made up of industry experts and experienced practitioners, all drawing on real market challenges to create a solution that really solves problems for people.

Making customer success a priority

Our human-centric approach takes shape in our customer relationships. Throughout engagement, onboarding, implementation and beyond, we work with organisations on a human level. We dedicate as much time as is needed to understand the nuances of your business – navigating your people’s challenges and needs – to build the solution that works best for you.

Whether you’re a multinational organisation or regional based, we ensure each individual has the appropriate capabilities to meet compliance standards.

Our relationships continue long after we deliver a solution. Continuous development is a key priority for us, ensuring customer success doesn’t stop at deployment. We’re always inviting and listening to user feedback so we can ensure Trailight is as applicable and supportive as it can be.

We want Trailight to be the best solution for your individuals long term.

Values that lead a human-centric culture 

Finally, holding ourselves accountable to the same standards we’re aiming to empower also matters. It helps us to provide a better service for our customers and build relationships based on trust, not personal gain. Our values represent this and show how we’ve made this human-centric approach a core framework for our business.

Transparency: We believe in transparency. In the open, honest and straightforward way we do business, and through our software platform – which brings new levels of transparency to our customers’ frameworks, accountabilities and performance.

Trust: Our customers trust us to deliver value and quality consistently, and we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards.

Team: To our customers, we’re not a supplier – we’re a key member of their team. A partner, focused and committed to helping them achieve their goals, and meet their obligations, more easily and efficiently.