Trailight has partnered with five new IAF and SEAR customers  

We’re happy to announce that we have partnered with five leading organisations in the past few months, spanning banking, asset management, investment management and insurance sectors.  

All based in Ireland, these companies are implementing the Trailight platform to support compliance with the Central Bank of Ireland’s (CBI) Individual Accountability Framework (IAF) and Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR).   

The regulation was signed into law on 9th March 2023 and commenced a 3-month public consultation with the deadline of 14th September 2023. Although this legislation is not yet live, our new customers are eager to begin preparations, ensuring they build positive frameworks in advance to support individual compliance. 

Learn more about the results of the previous Consultation Paper and what this means for implementing IAF here. 

“We know implementing IAF and SEAR will not be an easy road for many, especially as this tight focus on individual accountability is not a concept most existing systems are equipped for. Trailight was built to enable organisations to home in on individual accountability, competence and conduct and, by systemising upfront, Irish entities can truly embed best practice frameworks in time for the regime’s implementation.” – David McNair, CEO of Trailight  

 “Speaking regularly to Irish-regulated entities, it’s clear that the leading organisations are now making IAF and SEAR their top priority.” Dirk Young, Head of International at Trailight 

“Trailight’s individual regulatory compliance platform is very easy to implement and the specific Irish functionality is helping us to create robust IAF and SEAR frameworks.” – Tier 1, financial services solution provider


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Gerry Cross, CBI’s Director of Financial Regulation: Policy and Risk, has continually emphasised the need for a future-focused approach and proactive preparation for IAF and SEAR. As the legislation nears full implementation, it’s clear that more and more organisations are starting to create strategies, build frameworks and make operational changes in order to align with this sentiment.  

Our platform is configurable to IAF and SEAR, alongside other individual accountability regimes and registration needs if relevant to your organisation. We have been working continuously to adapt the platform in line with every update and now we will be working with these partners to ensure they are equipped to meet their individual regulatory compliance needs. 


Find more about how Trailight’s IAF and SEAR compliance solution will help you build the right frameworks in our brochure.