Press Release: SM&CR and Trailight’s Final Quarter

Trailight rounds off the year with yet more client wins for its IAR solution.

Trailights IAR platform, aimed at helping firms tackle the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR), has gained more key customer wins in this year’s final quarter and hot on the heels of the latest SM&CR deadline.

In 2016, the first batch of financial firms, including the banking sector, faced SM&CR implementation, with dual regulated firms following suit in 2018. And this December 9th it was the turn of 47,000 FCA solo regulated firms to adopt the regime.

During the last quarter of the year, Trailight has added 6 Asset Managers, 3 Insurers and 1 Trading Venue to its portfolio of clients. Not only has Trailight won clients who were in the preparation stages of the current SM&CR implementation, but also companies who have already been subject to the regime for some time who are seeking to ease the burden of SM&CR and automate some of the key requirements.

David McNair Scott, CEO of Trailight says “Our approach to tackling the regime from the ground up with carefully thought out workflows and outputs within the regulatory framework has worked in driving successful and trouble-free implementations. I am so excited to see this pay off!”.

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