Press Release: Q1 2020 and Covid-19

Trailight continues to serve our customers in difficult Global conditions.

Trailight is proud to say that our focus on resilient business processes has ensured that our customers are able to continue to achieve their regulatory goals. With the FCA and PRA having made several specific announcements related to SM&CR requirements, the importance of keeping up to date with the regulation continues to be of utmost importance. Given the current Global environment, collaboration tools are going to become even more critical, and this includes the types of regulatory systems that Trailight provides.

The first quarter of the year saw Trailight’s continued growth and we are delighted to add new customers totalling over twenty legal entities including a major global insurance broker, a mutual financial services provider, and multinational insurance firm. These deals were closed after lengthy evaluation processes and are a sign of financial markets continuing commitment to business as usual as much as is possible. We are also seeing significant growth in our pipeline as businesses try to put the right type of system in place that enables senior managers to easily collaborate with their Compliance and HR teams.

Key to their customers wins has been the fact that Trailight’s IAR solution continues to be the only solution in the marketplace to have been built from the ground up to specifically cater for SM&CR. This means that the product is logical and easy to use, and that implementation can be completed from start to finish in just a week for our customers.

About Trailight

Trailight is the leading light in solving regulatory challenges for Financial Services companies. Our innovative, continually updated software platforms give you the tools and framework you need to meet, monitor, and maintain your regulatory obligations – now and in the future. In an era of increasingly tough regulations, Trailight shows you the way and leaves a visible audit trail.

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Press Release Q1 Covid-19